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Fes Morocco Tours & Excursions, Morocco tours, and desert Sahara tours, As a tour operator based in Fes, fez city, that offers the best of Morocco desert tours & trips; private day tours, and desert excursions.
Thrilling Tour programs, sophisticated equipment, and transport means, and a professional team who surveys it all. We provide you with a breathtaking experience to enjoy the best of Morocco. Fes tours Luxe, Expectations that will suit your budget, time frame and live up in your memory.
Our Morocco tour fees cover the transportation via an air-conditioned car, along with fuel expenses, and local driver or guide’s charges and services.
The prices may change based on the factors following: The number of people booking a tour, forasmuch that practically, you’ll be sharing the cost of the car, the fuel and the driver with the others.
Therefore, the more numerous people get in a tour, the cheaper the tour expenses get.



Moroccan traditional houses, Hotels, Riads,, desert camp tents…
Luxurious accommodations are available, as well as private luxury tents with bathrooms in the desert. Submitting to our client’s wishes for privacy.


Our Activities :

Cooking classes, Hammam & spa, Hiking, shopping, camel trekking, 4X4 rangers, camping and boarding, skiing, air ballooning, picnics and outcooks , tea mint parties , local food tasting tours …etc.
One way or return city travel (starting a tour in one city and ending in a different one is more expensive).


Adult & Child costs:

Contact us for a complimentary quote of your desired itinerary based on the number of travelers, dates of your trip, and the places you would like to see. This service is free and there is no obligation to reserve.


CONCERNING MINORS under the age of 13:

Our website is in general for all adult audience sequences, we do not offer services directed to children. Should an individual whom we know to be a child under age 13 send personal information to us, we will delete or destroy such information as soon as reasonably possible

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